Your traits as a business person are called into action often because, upon waking up every day, those traits have to be dependable enough to enable you to survive and thrive. I have coined these traits as your Person-Specific Assets or PSA and they are very necessary for the business terrain. If you have not already identified your own unique set of PSA, then you will need to do so quickly. Doing this enables you to know those you possess and those you need to acquire. This also helps you to derive maximum benefit through them for each and every passing moment of every single day in your business journey. If you already have a bag full of identified traits that have been proved very useful, they will still need to be honed constantly to achieve more in your terrain. Here are a few PSA worth identifying, acquiring, or honing:


This is the ability to maximize your decision-making ability by utilizing your inner strength to take action in the desired direction. Willpower is necessary to overcome obstacles and achieve discipline, goals, and objectives. Willpower is required when you need to go the extra mile to attain the resources necessary for business success. Willpower is also critical to survival in challenging business situations that may make extreme demands on one’s ability.


To explain discipline, let me use this instance. Assuming you came across a harmful drink that you were informed was potentially fatal, would you drink it? Chances are that most likely you would not drink it; you would find it in yourself to reject that drink. So you already possess at least a minimum level of discipline. Nevertheless, discipline sometimes needs to be consciously activated to motivate appropriate behavior in the face of basic human desires, instincts, or emotions, which may not be in line with your vision, beliefs, or purpose.


As a business person you really cannot afford to waste precious time wishing for the ideal circumstances to be made available. Due to the unpredictable nature of business, rarely will there be completely perfect situations. So adaptability is required to face the realities on the ground. Adaptability is being nimble and savvy enough to maximize every little opportunity as leverage to gain higher resources or advantage. Adaptability means being pragmatic and practical enough to use what resources are presently available to meet the immediate needs and then build up from there to achieve the overall purpose.

There is a host of other PSA that you can discover as appropriate to your circumstances. The important thing is for you to have a good number of them ready and honed for when they will be required in business situations.

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