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Working Smarter Tips for Tutors Working from Home

The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted the education sector. Students and Tutors are no longer able to interact in traditional classroom settings. Schools therefore are turning to the internet for covering the syllabus. However, online classes are not as easy as they sound. Developing tech-savviness for teaching online is an ongoing learning experience.

To help Tutors impart education with peace of mind, we’ve compiled 3 great tips that help with working smarter.

Read on.

Tip #1: Build the right workstation.

Since Tutors spend a lot of time alternating between sitting and standing, a workstation in the bedroom might not be such a great idea. Find a nook in your house that can accommodate a table, a chair, and a wall to hang whiteboard and charts. Make sure to include stationary that you commonly use in between classes along with the right books and teaching aids.

Tip #2: Get comfy.

Take the time to find a comfortable chair for your workstation. If you already have a standing desk, standing is not a problem. But continued standing for long hours is not recommended. To get the ideal sitting height, sit and relax your shoulders. After this, form a right angle with your elbow.

If your forearm and elbow are comfortably in line with the table, you have a good chair and posture. If not, perhaps you need to change the chair or lower the desk height. You can also consider adjusting the top of your computer screen to bring it to the height of your eyes. Adding some books beneath or using a laptop stand can raise the screen to the required height.

Tip #3: Choosing the right teaching tools.

When working from home, the right technology can really boost the quality of your lectures. Invest in a good microphone and webcam to interact with your students through both audio and video. Other than this, you will also need a stable internet connection as well as video conferencing tools like skype, google hangouts, and zoom meetings.

Some tutors working from home might consider this transition as a struggle. However, these are perks involved as well. There are no colleagues, students, and other elements to distract you and your class. You can concentrate on your students and accomplish significant milestones quickly.

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