How has COVID-19 Changed Our Working Life?

How has COVID-19 Changed Our Working Life?

The global COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on businesses. Working life of millions of professionals worldwide has been disrupted. Social life has transformed so much, that just like AD and BC, the world has been divided into Before Corona and After Corona eras.

The Transition: Work from Home (WFH)  

According to the survey by 3Gem published in August 2020, 35% of SMEs were unable to transition their business completely online following COVID-19 crisis.

As per the survey, 66% of SMEs say that they now expect their workforce to work from home (WFH) permanently. The same percentage revealed that they are considering or planning to have more flexible working from home policies, going forward.

Safety, physical well-being and mental health 

CIPD Good Work Index revealed that 26% workers felt that their work impacted their physical health negatively in June 2020. Interestingly, the same percentage of employees said their work had a positive impact on their physical health.

Concerns and experiences with physical health, thus, has been a mixed bag. Not all businesses could operate on a work-from-home model. Different factors affected people differently during the pandemic.

Similarly, 26% employees said that their work had a negative impact on their mental health in June. In terms of physical workplace, 45% of workers felt anxious about going back to the workplace while 32% of employees were anxious about getting infected with the coronavirus at their normal workplace.

The study also revealed that 61% people suffering from anxiety blamed the pandemic while 56% people who were already dealing with mental health issues before the lockdown said the crisis only worsened it.

Job security, workload and work-life balance

According to the work index survey, more than 50% furloughed employees said their financial security has taken a hit since the pandemic. 28% non-furloughed workers echoed the same concern. The report also reveals workers’ concern where 19% people fear that they could lose their job.

It is no secret that workload is tied to the mental and the physical health of an employee. 27% workers said that they struggled to fulfil personal commitments due to increased workload during the pandemic.

These surveys on the internet and work from home (WFH) reflect marked changes in the working life dynamics that are potentially going to be irreversible in the near future.

Silver Lining: However whilst these statistics are daunting the Covid-era has also unleashed one of the greatest periods of innovation, creativity and progress. A perfect example is the rapid development of Covid-19 vaccines in rapid time. It is a scientific miracle and the world is better for it as millions have the option to have a preventative measure for the pandemic.

How has your working life changed? Share with us in the comments section.  

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