Top 3 Strategic Technology Trends for Business

Top 3 Strategic Technology Trends for Business

Digital transformation is no longer ‘good to have’ for businesses. It is need of the hour if businesses want to maintain a competitive edge, register a global presence, and become industry leaders. The technology trends in business continue to evolve and grow, and the ability to adapt business tech successfully is what distinguishes best enterprises from average ones.

For several years now, advanced technology has been blurring the line between the physical world and the digital realm. Let’s zoom in on the latest innovative technology:

Artificial intelligence (AI)

2019 was an eventful year for AI. Northwestern Medicine, Chicago and Google AI collaborated to deploy artificial intelligence for accurate, quick, and affordable lung cancer detection. Wavenet-DeepMind technology used AI to recover the original voice of speech impaired patients. And finally, following in the steps of face recognition, Facebook launched its object recognition program!

AI backed security measures, process automations, and performance improvement milestones are set to be achieved in 2020.


Multi-experience is created by using multisensory and multi-touchpoint devices such as wearables and computer sensors. It is sometimes also called as ambient experience. Multi-experience facilitates immersive events that integrate sensing, virtual reality, mixed reality, and augmented reality.

Payment innovations

Alternative payment methods will have a big impact on UK businesses this year, told Lu Zurawski, Practice Lead, Retail Banking Products, ACI Worldwide to Forbes. “Far from bitcoin, crypto and digital currencies being distributed via ledgers, these alternative payment methods are more likely to be rooted in traditional bank accounts. These account-based services allow money to be moved peer-to-peer, wrapped in the digital services found in mobile banking apps.”

Technology trends in business are continuously evolving. What are you expecting this year? We look forward to you sharing your thoughts on latest innovative technology with us.

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