What are Managed Security Companies?

What are Managed Security Companies?

Defending the confidential information of your business and customers today requires a laundry list of applications. Some of these include DDoS protection, web application firewalls, intrusion prevention systems (IPS), data loss prevention, security information and management, network analyzers, deep pocket inspection, and so on. If this looks overwhelming, you can outsource your security worries to managed security companies.

What are managed security companies?

A Managed Security Services Provider or MSSP is an IT service provider that remotely monitors and manages your security systems and devices. MSSPs use high-availability operational centers and provide services round the clock. These facilities are either their own or leased from other data center providers.

What does an MSSP do?

Businesses turn to managed security companies for alleviating pressures related to information security. Some of these include customer data theft, targeted malware, resource constraints, and skills shortages.

MSSPs work on the broad categories listed below:

On-site consulting

MSSPs provide business-specific assistance to assess risks and security needs. They also help in the development of security policies and practices, integration of security products, and on-site mitigation after an intrusion.

Network perimeter management

MSSPs install, upgrade, and manage firewalls, VPNs, and intrusion detection software & hardware. They also perform configuration changes on behalf of the client. Other management tasks include monitoring and surveillance, maintenance of firewall’s traffic routing, and generation of reports for the client.

Product reselling

MSSPs provide value-adding software and hardware to clients for a variety of security-related tasks. Customer data archiving is one such service. While this is not a managed service, however, product resale is a major revenue generator for MSSPs.

Security monitoring

The day-to-day monitoring and interpretation of system events across the network are also looked after by managed security companies. Some tasks in this category include detection of unauthorised behaviour, denial of service (DoS) attacks, malicious hacks, anomalies, and trend analysis.

Penetration testing and vulnerability assessments

Security companies run periodic scans to identify vulnerability attempts in the logical and technical perimeter. These reports are then forwarded to the client.

Cybersecurity compliance

In general, compliance is following rules and regulations. In cybersecurity, compliance is creating a program that generates risk-based controls that protect the integrity and confidentiality of information inside a network. Some common compliances include Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability (HIPAA).

Working with managed security companies is hassle-free and affordable. Reach out to a trusted partner today and safeguard your valuable data.

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