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5 Task Management Apps for Working Smarter

Project managers for small businesses struggle to keep tabs on team tasks and the progress of employees. The use of spreadsheets is popular but cumbersome, time-consuming, and often too difficult to edit from mobiles or tabs. There are however several amazing task management apps that can be used to automate task tracking and staying abreast with the overall and individual progress.

Let’s take a look at some of the best free task management apps to help you in working smarter.



Airtable is a cloud-based task management platform with features like scheduling, task tracking, color coding, commenting, and sharing. The free plan allows users to create unlimited bases along with a mobile app, task management, and team calendar.

The only limitations are file storage up to 2GB, the revision history of up to two weeks only, and a record limit of 1200 entries. However, the cost to upgrade is not that high. Moreover, there are discounts available on annual subscriptions.

Pros: Pre-defined templates such as editorial calendars, marketing campaign trackers, etc.

Cons: The interface might take some time to get used to.

Suitable for: Small teams, UI/UX designers, and marketing agencies.


Another cloud-based task manager and productivity solution, ClickUp already boast of an impressive list of adapters including AirBnB, Google, Netflix, Uber, and Nike. The platform has a dashboard where you can view tasks, reorder them through drag-and-drop, and create Gantt charts to plan tasks. Basically, an array of features to help you work smart not hard.

The free plan offers unlimited user onboarding as well as unlimited tasks. You can also create sub-tasks, collaborate in real-time, and track the progress of your team members. The paid plan offers unlimited storage.

Pros: Excellent customer support.

Cons: The free plan only allows storage of up to 100mb.

Suitable for: Small teams looking for a real-time collaboration tool.


Want to include activity feeds and web conferencing to everything else that ClickUp and Airtable provide? 

Join Samepage – a cloud-based collaboration platform featuring document management, real-time editing, chats, activity feeds, file sharing, calendar management, and web conferencing. The free plan offers unlimited members but limits storage to up to 2GB only.

Pros: Intuitive interface that is easy to navigate.

Cons: The app notification feature could be improved.

Suitable for: Startups, small teams requiring real-time video conferencing and chat, and freelancers.


Pipefy allows you to create pipes on the cloud. Yes, you read it right. Process workflows or as Pipefy likes to call them, pipes, can be built from pre-defined templates within this cloud-based project and workflow management dashboard.

Other features include task visualization, workflow mapping, and task management. Along with creating pipes, the free plan offers a handy mobile app but with a limit of up to 10 users and up to 5 pipes.

Pros: Easy to create pipes.

Cons: The reporting functionality could be improved with more features for customization.

Suitable for: Agile projects.


Glip is a cute, cloud-based task management platform. You can find discussion boards, document sharing, and video conferencing among other features on Glip.

The free plan allows you to create tasks, chat with unlimited guests, and manage team calendars. However, to export compliance reports and look at data retention, you will need to upgrade your plan.

Pros: Proactive customer support.

Cons: Mobile app could be optimized with features to filter and sort.

Suitable for: Remote teams and freelancers.

Which of these applications are you thinking of using to work smarter not harder? Don’t forget to share your experiences with us in the comments below!

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