3 Marketing Tips for Services

How different is marketing a product from marketing a service?

A product is used and a service is an experience. Both are unique and appeal differently to end-users, hence both are marketed differently. Marketing a product and marketing a service is similar in many ways as well. Initial starting point are the need to identify customers and their needs then you need to address their pain points. There are a few other factors as well that can enhance the marketing of a service and 3 tips are given below:

Highlight the Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

You will have to identify the key areas around which you will center the USP for the product. It can range from lower pricing, faster turnaround time, service specialization, etc. That USP nonetheless must convince the customer to patronise the service.

For USP related to price, however, it is necessary to balance a low price USP with still providing a good quality service. Service incentives and bundles are a good way of achieving this.

 Provide excellent Service

Service is rated highly when the service provider backs it up with excellent service. Such high service quality positions a service-oriented business for success and can positively influence customer opinion. Getting it right should be the focal point of all marketing efforts.

Some customers may not bother to complain or report but poor customer support may make them avoid the service in the future. So excellent service is crucial towards creating the positive impression necessary for repeat business and referrals.

 Monitor Metrics

When you get down to business trying to win customers, your competitors will not be sitting idle. Thus, regularly monitor marketing metrics and monitoring your social media feedback consistently. Knowing the nature of website visits, social media likes, and reshares of promotional videos will give a fair idea on the direction of the marketing efforts.

It also positions the business to finetune and provide prompt responses to rapidly changing customer needs.

Beyond these, there are other ways for marketing services which will depend on the specific line of business. Share your thoughts with us on what works best for you at the moment.

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