Excellence is ensuring one puts all the personal ability, skills, talents, and intellect into every task that is required in the pursuit of the vision.  It is also said that excellence results from putting all of one’s heart, mind and soul into every act no matter how inconsequential the act may seem. Doing this will result not just in excellence but also in the phenomenon of having golden fingers which enables one to succeed at almost everything.

Excellence is a both a decision and an ability honed over time and the Junglepreneur must cultivate this practice. The Junglepreneur must decide to adopt a spirit of excellence in everything and by constantly carrying this out, the ability is further developed and sharpened till it becomes second nature. Excellence may also be described as determining to do work only of the very highest quality. Aiming for this level of excellence may however come at a cost as quality and high standards have a price. Therefore the costs of achieving excellence have to be weighed against the benefits.

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