Jungle-like Business Terrains

Jungle-like Business Terrains

Let us consider further what we are likely to find in the jungle and in the business terrain. In the jungle, you have all kinds of species and situations which exist there and play a vital role. These range from; herbivores, carnivores, prey, predators, flowers, fruits, birds of prey, birds of paradise, lovely butterflies, rivers, streams, trees, forests, flora, fauna, rainy season, drought, seed-time, harvest, etc. It is very similar in the tough business terrains which also has all types of players and scenarios; Customers, competitors, staff, government agencies, partners, honest people, unscrupulous people, business professionals, drifters, politicians, hard-working people, lazy people, profitable situations, loss-making situations, etc. If you will look closely enough and discern based on your particular terrain, you may find in the business world, actors, resources, players, and situations which play out the very same roles as those in the jungle.

The Junglepreneur needs to know how to handle all the players because the various kinds of players and scenarios in the tough business terrain are all required for progress. They will in one way or another help to teach the Junglepreneur sweet and bitter lessons and will play vital roles in helping the Junglepreneur to get a great experience and attain immense success. This is the unfamiliar terrain in which the Junglepreneur will have to learn how to operate and succeed so we need to know how to maneuver in it.

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