Spending Patterns

Spending Patterns

After knowing the income source of the city or country the next step is to identify when, how and where the government will spends its money. The reason for interest in government spending is that in most countries or cities, the government is the biggest spender. They are also often the biggest employer and so it is important to know their spending priorities, volumes and patterns. Good questions to ask regarding spending are: When is the budget being prepared? What is the average yearly size? What are the budget priorities? When does the budget get signed into law? When are funds for the budget released from the treasury in accounts for spending by public officials? Who does the spending? etc.

Having identified the income sources, budget patterns and spending priorities of the government the Junglepreneur can then really start the process of making the money. This is initiated by starting to make plans for how to tap into the flow or connect to it. However there is still a bit more to find out as one needs to follow the money a bit more in relation to the people.

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