Negotiate & Move On

A wise Chinese proverb says that when you go to buy at the market, you do not first show your silver. So in building your business, you must analyze and negotiate anything that requires parting with any form of value. Since you will be faced with many situations in your business in which value is at stake, you therefore need to be at the top of your game in this area. Note that when negotiating, one should not be intimidated or distracted by the other party but should continually haggle so as to get close enough to the other person’s price limit. A saying goes that you are very near getting the best deal when you come close to being insulted. What happens often in give-and-take negotiations is that in reality both parties will usually be just slightly displeased about the outcome and often come away with a little bit less than they expected. However as long as you have a foot in the door or you can come away from the negotiations with at least the seed of greater things, then be satisfied and move on.

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