Most challenging business environments are in a constant state of complexity, chaos, and change. This is an ever-moving vortex of activity which is like a tornado and may suck the business person in if one does not know how to handle rapid change. Complexity and chaos is often the order of the day in the business jungle, in fact, it is the very essence of it. In this regard, you have a myriad number of situations, opportunities, issues, and tasks all demanding immediate attention. Complexity goes hand in hand with rapid change and this requires different skill sets and mental capacity which are key requirements for handling complexity.

This mental capacity and skillsets include the ability to decompile the complex into the simple and the ability to multi-task through carrying different tasks or functionalities at the same time. Although multi-tasking has its critics, it is a skill that is necessary as it enables a person to roam the power of the mind from one activity to another and take multiple decisions all in a continuous fashion. In relation to managing complexity by the process of decompiling, it is said that one can accomplish any complex task or even eat a whole aeroplane as long as you can break it down into small enough pieces. Michel Lotito a French-born entertainer became world renowned for his ability to eat items like metal, plastics, or glass which were not normally consumable to humans. In actual fact, Lotito at some point actually ate a whole Cessna 155 model airplane which he broke into very small pieces and consumed gradually over the space of 2 years. Although this is an extreme example which is not advised here for you to undertake, still it shows how a difficult obstacle can be broken down.

So learning to come to grips with complex situations involves first breaking down activities or tasks to the basics or their very simplest form and then one can move on to the next stage of assimilating the necessary activities or tasks required to accomplish the goal. Flexibility and adaptability are also major keys to handling flux, complexity, and change as they enable one to blend with every situation as it presents itself and thus avoid undue stress to body and mind.

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