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Top Artificial Intelligence Companies in The World

Artificial intelligence technology is disrupting numerous industries right now. A 2019 study by Quartz reports that around 37% of companies either used artificial intelligence in business or were planning on using it in 2019 – a significant leap from the 10% adapters in 2015. In 2020, this number is only expected to skyrocket.

Let’s look at some of the leading artificial intelligence companies that are leading the smart revolution:


  •  Amazon:- The well-known eCommerce giant is leading the AI revolution both on the consumer side and with backend applications. Amazon Web Service is the company’s machine learning program package on the backend that is slowly being introduced to Tinder, Netflix, and NASA, while Alexa is the voice-activated assistant that has introduced AI to thousands of households across the world.


  •  Deepmind:- Deepmind is owned by Google and develops applications for artificial intelligence in business for a variety of industries. Recently, the London-based company has announced revolutionary AI for the healthcare industry – using predictive analytics that offers a more proactive approach to medicine. It could actually change the way this industry works.


  •  Anki:- Cozmo is the cutest and smartest AI-robot you’ve ever seen. He is a real-life robot with a mind of his own – and it is among the most advanced robots available on the market currently. Interestingly, it is one of the many robotics products that Anki has. The company aims to bring robotics closer to consumers and is currently experimenting with emotional AI.


  •  DataVisor:- DataVisor is a leading fintech company. It uses artificial intelligence technology and machine learning for data analysis and for identifying fraudulent activity. DataVisor offers protection from fake accounts, money laundering, and so on.


  •  Casetext:- It is literally impossible to navigate thousands of webpages of legal information while building any case. Casetext speeds things up with its AI-powered search engine that caters specifically to looking up these legal documents. The legal AI can also sift through massive amounts of data points and identify duplicates, rank documents according to their relevance, and increase efficiency while creating new cases.


Can you think of any other up and coming artificial intelligence companies? Share them with us in the comments below.

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