Vision, what do you see?

Vision, what do you see?


Vision, what do you see? Vision has many definitions but consider these. Vision is seeing the desired end target of all that you legitimately want or need. For a business or project, vision clearly identifies what the corporate objective is. Vision is determining what is to be achieved from overcoming all the obstacles. Furthermore, your vision must be a sharp, clear, detailed picture held in the mind with focus. Your vision must be constant and must drive all actions and goals. This is irrespective of the present challenges or issues vying for attention.

An example is Stelios Haji-Ioannou who had a long-term vision to build a large business for himself. He fulfilled his vision and launched EasyJet Airlines in 1995 with just two aircraft. He commenced business as a low-cost airline, which made its margins by removing middlemen. He also worked hard at reducing operating costs related to meals, staff uniforms, and other extras. EasyJet was thus able to provide a no-frills but safe, affordable and reliable airline service. It is now one of the biggest airlines is Europe. However, it all started from that simple but focused vision of owning a large business.

In achieving your vision, goals and milestones periodically show you how far you have come. Goal-setting is therefore important although it can be difficult. It also comes with an inherent tendency for one to avoid it, ignore it, or procrastinate. Nonetheless, it must become an essential and regular activity. Start with identifying all the known tasks necessary to accomplish the overall goals for the vision. Then write them down in a format or location you can easily access. Next, design a simple but continuous process that works for you and which helps complete the tasks. Continue until you have completed all the tasks necessary to achieve the goals and thereby achieve the vision. Tasks are therefore important to your goals and vision. Go over them daily for evaluation and document any challenges or progress made. So regarding your vision, what do you see?

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