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How to Fuel your Creative Inspiration

People who produce creative works such as art, writings, songs, etc are under constant pressure and scrutiny to hone their craft consistently to achieve desirable success and appreciation. Easier said than done. Inspiring oneself creatively all the time can be challenging.

Nonetheless, below are some ideas on achieving consistent success in this area.

Find your Best routine

Study yourself and find out the time routine, place, or catalyst that works best for you to produce your best works. For some creators working late at night is best and for others, it has to be early in the morning. Additionally, playing music helps fuel creativity for some while others prefer complete silence. The key thing is to find what best motivates you and stick to this

Participate in creative exhibitions

Attend events and exhibitions of creative people like photographers, painters, or writers good at their work. Seeing other creators at work or their output will go a long way to stimulate your own creative inspiration. It also presents opportunities to network with colleagues who may offer you useful suggestions for your work.

Go on historical trips

Engaging with history tells you life stories in additional context. Go and visit museums where past historical works are preserved for public view and take a cue out of them. Such trips are refreshing from a creative perspective, such that you re-engage with your work with renewed vigor.

Be part of an online activity group

Connect with like-minded people on social media where they organize activities and outings regularly. That will be an additional resource to the regular friends and acquaintances with whom you share social functions.

 Watch your favorite musician perform

Good music can be like a healing balm to the soul. Keep track of the tour dates of your favorite musicians and book your ticket accordingly. When the next concert is in town, you are there at the venue watching your favorite band performing your favorite tracks.

This is another good way of fueling creative inspiration.

 Revisit past works with a different perspective

Look at your own work from the past or work done by others. While studying it, you might come across something you may have never seen before. This can help you to find ways to re-purpose your creative works or build up good ideas for the future.


Apart from the health and energy benefits, regular exercise workouts with the subsequent release of endorphins give you a natural and long-lasting feel-good effect. This can immensely help in fueling your motivation, enhance innovation, and get your creative juices flowing.

Try out these ways to fuel your inspiration as part of your daily routine and let us know what has worked for you.

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