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How to be an Entrepreneur?

Most entrepreneurs know it in their hearts – they were born to start a business. They remain dissatisfied as employees, and become truly content when

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I like this book by David so much

Professor Alexandre de Sene Pinto, Partner and Director of R&D, Bugs Agentes Biologocos (Bug Biological Agents), Brazil. World Economic Forum – Technology Pioneer Awardee, 2014.

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It is Half Full

It is generally believed that there are two sets of people in life: those who see a glass of water as being half empty and

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Tough Terrains

The jungle has plenty of prey and also loads of predators. The jungle can be noisy yet quiet, the jungle can be very beautiful and

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Maximize Your Talent

Your talent is the ability that you naturally possess and excel in with minimal effort. However it also requires you to develop, hone and practice

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